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Don't Gather All the Grapes

Kenneth L. Samuel

These days, there is a certain tyranny that accompanies utmost efficiency and accountability. 


Mary Luti

Maybe you followed the recent story of twelve boys and a coach trapped in a cave.

6: 8

Tony Robinson

I'm a little worried that this wonderful verse is becoming a progressive prooftext. 


Kaji Dousa

My feet are looking awfully filthy. 

Joy as Resistance

Emily C. Heath

Alice Walker once wrote that "Resistance is the secret of joy!"

Filled with Fury

Vince Amlin

I'm a rule follower. Give me a rule, and I will follow it.

Body of Christ

Mary Luti

The Central African Republic (CAR) is rife with anti-Muslim violence.


Quinn G. Caldwell

Mystery might be good for mercy, I think.


Jennifer Brownell

This time, I read her story and I celebrate her courage. 


Marchaé Grair

Sometimes, I struggle to believe in my own worthiness.