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Glory, Given

Quinn G. Caldwell

Glory isn’t itself unless you’re giving it away. Give it to God, and the whole world will blossom with beauty.

Turning Thirty

Mary Luti

Find the work that is seeking you. Find it, step out in trust, and do it.

Some People Are Saying…

Vince Amlin

In the UCC Pension Boards' Next Generation Leadership Initiative, I was taught to listen past the specific content of criticism to its relational context.


Rachel Hackenberg

Sure, maybe it's a poem about God.

Nobody Likes a Grumpy Giver

Kaji Douša

Your pastor probably doesn't think they're so good at raising money. 


The Book that Will Set You Free

Dawson Taylor

I will never forget sitting in front of Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa.

On the Road Again

Donna Schaper

A lot of people get a glossy look in our eyes when we say, "I really want to do more traveling."

The Love You Can’t Keep

Marchaé Grair

On The Good Place, Eleanor is devastated when her soulmate Chidi has his memories erased to avoid sabotaging an experiment.

What They Didn't Tell You About Baptism

Matt Laney
Whether you are dunked or sprinkled, baptism is the entry-point of Christian life.

Smooth Talker

Lillian Daniel

In the human economy of emotion, love feels conditional, and communication is the currency.