United Church of Christ

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Vince Amlin

Know you are enough, because God is enough.

Praying for Presidents

Rachel Hackenberg

We pray that those in leadership might love the work of peace more than the work of war.

Global Respect

Kenneth L. Samuel

Defense of the weak, deliverance for the oppressed, and relief for those in poverty: these are the deep needs of our common humanity, no matter our national differences. 

By Works Alone

John Edgerton

The constant pursuit of new possibility and new beginnings is holy.

Make Every Moment Your Midnight 

Marchaé Grair

When the clock strikes midnight on Jan. 1, it’s as if time stops. 

All Things New!

Richard L. Floyd

Lately I've been hearing the saying "It is what it is!" more and more.

Keep on Singing

J. Bennett Guess

Cicely Tyson, who starred in the Broadway revival of The Trip to Bountiful, won a Tony Award at age 88 for her stirring portrayal of Mrs. Carrie Watts, an elderly hymn-singing, hymn-adoring woman who wants nothing more than to see her family's home in Bountiful, Texas, one more time before she dies.

Between Us

Donna Schaper

I am often corrected by others.


Rachel Hackenberg

Let the sun and moon beam with pride: God has come!


Molly Baskette

These two short verses are all we have to describe the child Jesus between eight days old and tweenage 12 years.