United Church of Christ

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The Waters of Life

Talitha Arnold

God promises not to forsake migrants. Neither should we.

Too Old To Be Right

Quinn G. Caldwell

What would happen if, instead of being so damn smart all the time, we trusted someone once in a while?


Darrell Goodwin-Moultry

What if we believed we were chosen, for this day and for this hour, and that we are worthy?

Death on the Factory Floor

Lillian Daniel

Raise your hands higher to bless the whole world in love and light.

Finding Jesus Imperfectly

Christina Villa

Thank God there's more than one way to be right.


Vince Amlin

Know you are enough, because God is enough.

Praying for Presidents

Rachel Hackenberg

We pray that those in leadership might love the work of peace more than the work of war.

Global Respect

Kenneth L. Samuel

Defense of the weak, deliverance for the oppressed, and relief for those in poverty: these are the deep needs of our common humanity, no matter our national differences. 

By Works Alone

John Edgerton

The constant pursuit of new possibility and new beginnings is holy.

Make Every Moment Your Midnight 

Marchaé Grair

When the clock strikes midnight on Jan. 1, it’s as if time stops.