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The Importance of Being with Friends

Lillian Daniel

There was a story a while back about a guy on Facebook who had about 900 friends, and he invited them all to a party.


Anthony B. Robinson

Holy ground is not safe. It is full of mystery and magic and power. We aren't in control here on the mountain.

I Promise

Kenneth L. Samuel

Those to whom promises are made must keep faith in the promise as well.

Showing Up

Molly Baskette

God, though She rarely tells us this to our faces, needs us in church too.


Donna Schaper

The whole chapter five of Galatians is worth a good long read.


Quinn G. Caldwell

Mercy always sounds to me like a word for bigger-deal people than I am.

Room to Grow

Martin B. Copnehaver

Wearing clothes that don't fit perfectly can make you look and feel foolish at times, but it is also a statement to the world that you intend and expect to continue growing. 

Letting Go of Being Right

Tony Robinson

It's embarrassing for me to admit how often I want to be "right."

How Many Gods Do You Have?

Donna Schaper

Our false Gods are worry and joylessness.

Where Do Watches Come From?

Lillian Daniel

Let's appreciate the scientific theory but let's not make an idol of it.