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On the Road Again

Donna Schaper

A lot of people get a glossy look in our eyes when we say, "I really want to do more traveling."

The Love You Can’t Keep

Marchaé Grair

On The Good Place, Eleanor is devastated when her soulmate Chidi has his memories erased to avoid sabotaging an experiment.

What They Didn't Tell You About Baptism

Matt Laney
Whether you are dunked or sprinkled, baptism is the entry-point of Christian life.

Smooth Talker

Lillian Daniel

In the human economy of emotion, love feels conditional, and communication is the currency.

Multiple Choice

Vicki Kemper

The widow of Zarephath had a choice to make: Use what little she had to make one last supper for herself and her son or, instead, use it to feed the bossy prophet who promised his God would provide.

Things I Miss At Home

Kenneth Samuel

The lyrics to Cherrelle's 1988 hit song are disturbing, yet they express a reality that few of us can deny.

Opportunity to Testify

Jennifer Brownell

The 2016 presidential election unleashed a spasm of violence

There's More

Tony Robinson

"With God, there's more: hope for the discouraged, challenge to the smug. God gets the last word."


Jennifer Brownell

God hears you, even when I can’t. 

Word Problems

Matt Laney

Gratitude plus generosity equals abundance for all.