Stillspeaking Daily Devotional

Strange Salon

Quinn G. Caldwell

Paul has basically made a career of being a jerk and annoying everybody in sight.  If he's not holding people's cloaks while they stone somebody, he's writing scathing letters or making the authorities so mad they throw him in jail and/or execute him.

Not Just for Funerals

Emily C. Heath

That Psalm 23 has been relegated mostly to funerals is a tragedy.

Arguing with God

Anthony B. Robinson

Arguing with God only makes sense if God is real, living, active, up to something in the world, present and intervening—the way God is in the Bible.

Is Nothing Sacred?

Christina Villa

Whatever happened to the sacred?  People seem suspicious of it. 

A Rock That is Higher Than I

Kenneth L. Samuel

When it comes to the contests of life that really matter, we often find ourselves clinging to the plateaus of our own abilities and accomplishments.

Sunday, Sunday

Molly Baskette

Sunday afternoons are a wasteland. Somehow, there is always not enough energy and too much day left at the end of the day on Sunday afternoons.

You Belong

Donna Schaper

The children of Israel knew very little about blogging or social media or populations exploding and tipping. Not one of them had email or a Facebook account.  But they did know what it meant to not belong. 

I've Got Your Back

Ron Buford

When we pray and even before we pray, God takes time to know us, intimately. Should we not do the same for others?


Quinn G. Caldwell

What I notice more often than not, at least in the church, is that the saints who have become skilled at lamentation also tend to have become skilled at other things: gentleness, generosity, commiseration, comforting.

You Do Not Answer

Mary Luti

You know this, but hear it again: the Christian life isn't about feeling feelings or acquiring spiritual experiences. Baptism ushers us into a life of greater depth than that—a life of faith.

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