United Church of Christ

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The "Yes" in "No"!

Darrell Goodwin

Hearing "no" at times feels unfair and not right.

Cursing Figs

Mary Luti

You read that right. Jesus cursed a fruitless fig. And it died. 

God of Refuge

Marchaé Grair

We who love Jesus can’t stay silent as the U.S. Border Patrol attacks asylum seekers with violence and tear gas.

Recipe for Desperate Times

Jennifer Brownell

We gathered out of desperation, because we did not know what else to do.

When Life Is Good

Bob Thompson

It's been quite a year for my wife Linda and me.

Leaning into the Dance

Kaji Douša

Wikipedia claims that the UCC is "liberal-leaning."

Hope is a Verb

Elsa Cook

'We going to hope somebody,' Grandmama would say.

Thankfully Holding Your Tongue

Matt Laney

Few of us will have roasted tongue for Thanksgiving, but maybe we should.


Christina Villa

As a teenager, I had a summer job in a nursing home kitchen, where my boss was Geraldine the cook, a tiny, perpetually aggrieved woman who seemed to me to be at least as old as the patients.

Ancient Faith

Donna Schaper

Icelanders think that elves inhabit rock piles, the beautiful stacks of stone that stood in the way of a new road.