CYYAM - Hugs

CYYAM - Hugs

Council for American Indian Ministry                                           
Council for Hispanic Ministry                                                     
Ms. Ruthy Venegas (Young Adult)
Disabilities Ministry (Differently Abled)                                      
The Coalition for LGBT Concerns

Julia LeBrell and Jake Joseph (Young Adults)
Pacific Islanders and Asian American Ministries                         
K’lla Encabo (Youth)
United Black Christians   

Darian Jackson (Young Adult)

The UCC Coalition for LGBT Concerns
The Coalition provides support and sanctuary to our entire lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender sisters and brothers, their families and friends; advocates for their full inclusion in church and society; and brings Christ's affirming message of love and justice for all people.

United Black Christians (UBC)
UBC represents lay and clergy persons who faithfully minister in more than 278 predominately African American congregations of the United Church of Christ and those African American members in congregations that are not predominately African American.

Disabilities Ministry (Differently Abled)
To encourage local churches to be open, inclusive, affirming and accessible in all aspects of their lives, including buildings, worship, education, fellowship and service, and thereby enabled to proclaim God’s word with and to all persons, including people with disabilities. To advocate with and for persons with disabilities, especially people who have been marginalized and alienated.

The Council for Hispanic Ministries (CHM)
CHM is an autonomous body working cooperatively with Council Regions and Associations, Conferences, and Ministries of the UCC to promote its work among Hispanics/Latinos/Latinas in the United States of America, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and other nations of the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Council for American Indian Ministry (CAIM)
Supports the churches and ministries of American Indians in the denomination. To provide counsel to the reservation churches; to distribute the funds from the United Church to churches and other projects on and off the reservations that made claims on them; to relate the United Church of Christ mission to those of other denominations; and to interpret the ministry to the church at large.

Pacific Islanders and Asian American Ministries (PAAM)
Supports the churches and ministries of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the denomination. Provide resource, advocacy and support to Japanese, Chinese, Filipinos, Koreans and Hawaiians while promoting the mission of the United Church of Christ.

CYYAM 2011-2013 Biennium
HUGS Report, October 2011

By Jake Miles Joseph, The UCC Coalition for LGBT Concerns HUGS Representative

As a Council for Youth and Young Adult Ministry Representative from The UCC Coalition for LGBT Concerns, I have been busy. In addition to serving as the Co-Chair of CYYAM for the 2011-2013 biennium, I am the contact person with the North Dakota and the Rocky Mountain Conferences. I have been in touch with both respective conferences and I look forward to working with them leading up to next summer's National Youth Event. I am working with other members of CYYAM to empower each other and the greater UCC Young Adult and Youth Communities to take ownership and work for this beloved denomination.

I have been working for LGBT issues in Atlanta, GA at Emory University and with the Candler School of Theology. As a gay UCC young adult voice in CYYAM; I am able to help play a part in moving toward reconciliation through ecumenical “welcoming” church movement work in the Atlanta metropolitan area. I am always proud to be the UCCer in a group I am always at work to embody the values and mission of the UCC as best I can in ecumenical settings of seminarians here in the Southeast. I remain involved with leadership in the Iowa Conference Young Adult Community and help maintain progress in Iowa.


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