CYYAM Application & Elections

2013-2015 Biennium – General Synod 29, Long Beach, CA
Click HERE for the CYYAM Nomination Form for 2013-2015 Biennium
Click HERE for the CYYAM Application Form for 2013-2015 Biennium
Application Deadline is Saturday, June 15.
NOTE: Please read all of the nomination and application instructions carefully and apply only if you are available during the dates outlined for active participation for the 2013-2015 biennium.
What are my committments?
Thank you for your interest in CYYAM! We are excited to read your application and get to know you and your goals for the future of youth and young adult ministries in the United Church of Christ. We do ask that you be aware that your application (and potential subsequent nomination and/or election) to the Council is a commitment to the work of CYYAM, your fellow council members, and the wider church’s youth and young adults. Part of that commitment includes your physical presence on CYYAM. We will meet four times as a Council during the 2013-2015 biennium.
When will we meet? (Locations TBA)
September 27-29. 2013
February 14-17, 2014
August 1-3, 2014
February 13-16, 2015
Are the meetings mandatory?
The CYYAM attendance policy states that to maintain membership on the Council, you must attend at least three of the four meetings. Absence at any meeting must be approved ahead of time by the CYYAM staff liaison, and will not be excused after the fact (except in the event of an emergency).
Why should I become involved?
CYYAM is first and foremost a business council. We also value the importance of community-building, immersive experiences, and fun! Your membership on CYYAM will be unlike that of a typical business body. In the 2011-2013 biennium, CYYAM visited the UCC national offices in Cleveland, the Franklinton Center in North Carolina, the Centro Romero in San Ysidro, California, and the Ecumenical Advocacy Days in Washington, DC. Through these experiences, we came closer as a group, had opportunities for deep introspection, and learned more about the UCC’s work in Justice and Witness Ministries. We look forward to every experience and bonding opportunity the next biennium will bring and sharing them with you!
We wish you luck in your application to CYYAM!

CYYAM Background

Most CYYAM (Council for Youth and Young Adult Ministries) members are elected at General Synod by youth and young adults from across all conferences of the UCC. Each Conference in the UCC is given an opportunity to nominate one youth and one young adult to the Council.

Nominations are submitted to conference caucuses at General Synod and each conference gets to vote for one youth and one young adult for the region in which their conference is located.

There are six regions in the UCC so there are twelve members elected by this process. Other members of the Council are continuing members because they represent CYYAM on Boards of Directors for one of the Covenanted Ministries of the UCC.

There are also four members representing each of the racial/ethnic caucuses of the Council for Racial Ethnic Ministry (COREM). Other members are selected from the nomination pool to uphold the Council's commitment for inclusivity and diversity. View the Conference Directory to find out how to contact your Conference for more information.

CYYAM members serve a two-year term (one biennium). CYYAM, in turn, appoints members to the Boards of Directors for each Covenanted Ministry of the UCC.

As the governance of our denominational body is changing, CYYAM's structure will also be impacted. Presently, two members of CYYAM have been appointed to the new governance board.

When possible, the biography of each candidate will be posted to the CYYAM webpage in advance of General Synod to provide youth and young adult voters opportunities to review profiles prior to casting votes during Synod in the summer. When this is not possible, CYYAM rally events will be hosted to get to know the candidates and your current CYYAM members.

When possible, candidates elected to CYYAM will be announced during General Synod. Typically this will occur during a CYYAM sponsored meal or function held during Synod programming for youth and young adults.
In addition, candidates will be notified of their election to the council via email and provided an opportunity to accept or decline their placement on the council. The final roster of CYYAM members will be posted to the CYYAM web page.


Ms. Waltrina Middleton
Minister for Youth Advocacy and Leadership Formation
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44115