United Church of Christ

It’s All About the Kids, Now

The United Church of Christ has a new mission and purpose statement.  You can find out more about it in this news story.  Our new vision says that because we are created in Christ’s love we can move toward a just world for all.

As I've reflected on this new vision I’ve realized that this kind of new understanding of the church's work in the world can be difficult to create with adults.  Adults have a lifetime of experiences that contribute to the stereotypes, opinions, and beliefs they hold dear. Change of attitude, while not impossible, takes a concentrated effort from both the faith community and the adults involved. Yet, it is with adults that we spend much of our time and resources. However, children and youth come to us with few stereotypes and attitudes.  The few difficult habits they have picked up from the adults in their lives can be challenged and even changed.  Children and youth can be a way forward toward working with God’s spirit to create a just world for all.

And even if your church does not have lots of children who come through the door on Sundays you do have children in your orbit.  A United Church of Christ seminary president is challenging every church