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The story that holds us together

Kathryn Matthews Huey

I may sound like I'm writing this week's message only for preachers, who just faced the formidable task of speaking once again about the Resurrection, that most astonishing claim at the heart of Christian faith, that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead.

A Good Friday Season

Rev. Dr. Patrick G. Duggan

In a few days, Christians everywhere will celebrate Good Friday. The irony in that thought is one that has always intrigued me.

Called to be Great

Rev. Cameron Trimble

This morning I had breakfast with a pastor of a large congregation in Atlanta. Towards the end of the conversation, she paused, leaned across the table, and whispered almost as if she was worried I would think she had lost her mind completely, "I have a crazy, huge dream of what our church could be in the world."

What’s a Good Name for a Church?

Rev. David Schoen

Church names today speak a hoped-for vision, an invitation to a community with a cause, and a compelling (sometimes intriguing) identity.


Rev. Dr. Kristina Lizardy-Hajbi

As a result of a recent routine blood test, I was told by my doctor that I have anemia due to an iron deficiency.

Challenge Indifference

Kimberly Whitney

We are moving into the heart of the prayerful wilderness betwixt and between the second and third Sundays of Lent.

Give It Up, Church

Rev. J. Bennett Guess

In a church I once served as pastor, a member wanted to enlist the whole congregation in selling pre-paid phone cards in order to raise money for the church.

Facing Death

Rev. Holly MillerShank

Regardless of the rise in popularity of zombies and vampires in recent years, the world has not been overtaken by the un-dead.

“The times …”

Stephen Boyd

A few weeks ago I sat in a briefing given by Rear Admiral Margaret Kibben, Chief of Navy Chaplains, to the Armed Forces Chaplains Board in Washington D.C. In her remarks, she mentioned the legendary Dylan lyrics, "for the times, they are a-changin'." 

We have church, in Cleveland!

Rev. Kate Matthews Huey

UCC congregations proclaim, "We have faith, in Cleveland!" Or Houston … or Springfield … wherever our "neighborhood" may be. Surroundings shape mission: whether they're rolling farmlands, busy suburbs, struggling neighborhoods or bustling urban centers, they're the place where we gather to be the church.