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“Just Trust Me.” – Jesus

Ivy Beckwith

A couple of weeks ago at the United Church of Christ’s Thirtieth General Synod I led a workshop for the youth and their leaders on the concept of Bible storying.

Be the Church

Rev. Holly MillerShank

Advent and Lent are always some of the busiest seasons within the life of the church

Good Summer Reads

Dr. Kimberly Whitney

It happened earlier in the spring. Progressive blogspots emblazoned the news: N.Y. Times Reading List achieves a full Euro Quota! My heart sank. But Facebook book posts with alternative reading lists began to spark and kindle across collegial lines.

Do the “Dones” call us just to be?

On a recent, beautiful morning in May, I felt such gratitude for belonging to the United Church of Christ. On that Friday morning, I joined other national staff in a peaceful walk to pray first in front of the Justice Center in downtown Cleveland, and then on the steps of City Hall. 

Unexpected Places

Patrick G. Duggan

No, this is not a plug for General Synod 30 (but it could be!).

Finding Peace

Cameron Trimble

Someone asked me this week, "How do I find peace? I just feel so unmoored, so adrift but drowning in busyness. I can’t pack anymore things into my day, but I feel so unsatisfied with my life." I am hearing this a lot these days.

'Bringing Wood to the Fire'

David Schoen

Bishop Yvette Flunder spoke her now well-known phrase "Bring wood to the fire" in a discussion several years ago with national staff and others on starting new churches.

A Challenge to the Church

Rev. Beth Long-Higgins

Things aren’t so different for the church. How will the church be responsive to the needs of older populations the world over?

Say ‘Yes’

Ivy Beckwith

About 15 years ago, I spent a delightful evening in Denver with a group of seminary professors. They were not the reason the evening was delightful. The evening was enjoyable because we attended a performance by a local improv group. This was my first experience with improv and I found it intriguing and very funny. 

Love Goes All the Way

ssw-benguess.jpgJ. Bennett Guess

If I speak like I know everything, like the world revolves around me, but I don’t love, I am nothing but a fool at a microphone.