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Ten Ways to Become More Grateful

How do we “Give thanks in all circumstances” 1 Thessalonians 5:18?

Going Out with Style

Fall is a truly beautiful time of year. 

A Place to Belong

Recently, I spent a few days in a lovely Midwestern state park with a group of United Church of Christ and Presbyterian faith formation specialists.

Outdoing One Another

November is stewardship season, the time in which most congregations, if not all, feel budget-bound to focus members’ attention on giving. So, listen up. 

Let Jesus take the wheel?

Metaphors are important. The gospels use metaphors to describe what the kingdom of heaven is like: a mustard seed, yeast, seeds in a field, hidden treasure, fine pearls, or a net thrown into the ocean (Matthew 13).

Creating an intimate, online faith community

On Sunday, Oct. 4, World Communion Sunday, I had the chance to engage with a small group of people in one of the most meaningful Bible conversations I have ever had.

Can we imagine mercy?

My favorite moment of the papal visit was Pope Francis greeting his longtime friend, a gay man, and the man's partner during a private visit in the embassy.

Drive Like a Girl

I was flipping through television channels when a commercial caught my attention.

How’s Your Discontent?

Is Discontent the “Mother of Progress”?

Wherever the River Flows

The prophet Ezekiel’s vision of a new temple was a vision that included a lot of water—water coming out from under the temple door and creating a great river.