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I Am Enough

I wish someone could just tell me what to do for the rest of my life, and then hire me for that, and then pay me well.

What you do changes lives!

I have the most amazing job.

Called to be Great

This morning, I had breakfast with a pastor of a large congregation in Atlanta.

Lady Gaga, James Taylor, and Carole King

Lady Gaga burst out onto the stage at a show in 2010 saying, “ALL YOU FREAKS AND LITTLE MONSTERS, THIS IS FOR YOU!!!” The crowd went wild. 

‘God of Change and Glory’

On my phone, an app counts the days till what I lightheartedly call “my six-month nap,” the best way, I believe, to embark on the next stage of my life: retirement.

Nothing New Under the Sun

After worship, a tween spent an hour with an octogenarian showing her how to set up her own Facebook account.

How Intergenerational Are You?

So what does a truly intergenerational — or some might call it pan-generational — church look like? 

Theological Worlds

What do a recovering sinner, adventurer, crusader, and orphan have in common? All of them are members of your congregation. 

It’s Time

Two posters hang in my office side by side.

Congregations Make the Big Church

Our confirmands are getting ready.