United Church of Christ

Clergy Deaths March 2016

Lehman, Richard J, 2/29/2016
Choate, David A, 2/8/2016
Reed, Clayton F, 3/1/2016
Albright, william H, 2/27/2016
Wadsworth, Joseph, 2/24/2016
Naser, Gordon R, 3/12/2016
Price, Stephen W, 1/24/2016
Van Strien, David D, 6/29/2014
Andrews, D Jean, 3/4/2016
Lloyd D. Fried, 3/11/2016
Nyquist, Raymond, 3/1/2016
Fish, Larry, 12/16/2015
Hanning, Stephen R, 3/16/2016
Meek, Peter H, 3/11/2016
Whitehead,R Jack, 2/27/2016
Mcneill, Cletus R, 3/17/2016
Weber,Lloyd P, 3/13/2016
Thompson-Travis, Beverly, 3/16/2016
Richard H. Winters, 3/18/2016
Yates, Jack E, 3/23/2016
Hemenway, Henry, 3/3/2016
Melter, James C.F., 3/18/2016
Charles R. Vanvoorhis, 3/30/2016

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards.

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