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Clergy Deaths for April 2017

Thompson, I. David, 3/31/2017
Aubin-Fischer, Richard D., 3/31/2017
Hatch, Mary B., 1/23/2017
Schroer, Calvin W., 5/19/2016
Starbuck, Kenneth C., 4/3/2017
Smith, Harold C., 3/21/2017
Jones, Lawrence S., 3/26/2017
Moore, Viola L., 4/5/2017
Bacon, Jack, 4/11/2017
Swart, Elizabeth, 1/4/2016
Lauck, C. Philip, 2/8/2017
Engelsdorfer, Marvin F., 2/21/2017
Waugh, Winston, 11/23/2016
Anderson, Claude W., 3/5/2017
Miehlke, Carl F., 4/10/2017
Lang, Allen, 4/1/2017
Ayre, A. Russell, 4/10/2017
Siefert, Neil D., 4/10/2017
Kasper, Robert E., 4/1/2017
Baechle, Ruth W., 4/16/2017
Bendit, Paul, 4/25/2017
Bradford, J.A., 3/29/2017
Newton, Lyman F., 5/7/2016
Ely, Donald J., 3/13/2017
McCracken, David E., 3/25/2017

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards.

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