Clergy Deaths March 2013

Clergy Deaths March 2013

Jordan, Ernest L. 2/12/2013
Gerhart, Mervin S. 3/3/2012
Rosenberger, Harleigh M. 2/2/2013
Winley, Ronald R. 3/2/2013
Haner, Joan M. 3/5/2013
Lindergen, Robert W. 3/7/2013
Baker, Donald H. 3/10/2013
Peterson, Kenneth G. 2/26/2013
Thomas, Grafton M. 3/5/2013
Braun, John T. 3/6/2013
Topliff, Hubert J. 3/8/2013
Henderson, Richard P. 2/25/2013
Johnston, David B. 3/17/2013
Kading, John M. 3/18/2013
Adams, Susan M. 3/17/2013
Brooks, John H. 3/24/2013
Jones, James M. 2/28/2013
Houston, Ulysses J. 3/17/2013
Floyd, Emmett O. 3/24/2013
Tucker, Harold W. 3/26/2013

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards.

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