Clergy Deaths June 2013

Clergy Deaths June 2013

Grimes, Van D. 6/3/2013 
Buehrer, Marcus S. 5/25/2013 
Klueter, Paul E. 4/27/2013
Okuma, Thomas 5/22/2013 
Murray, David W. 6/6/2013 
Hiller, Wilbert W. 5/31/2013 
Ford, Robert C. 6/8/2013 
Grobe, Malcolm J. 5/15/2013 
Chamberlain, Charles G. 5/21/2013 
Dimock, Herbert 6/11/2013 
Baumann, John F. 6/12/2013 
Oleck, Frederick W. 6/13/2013 
Wakeland, Mary Louise 3/4/2013 
Denlinger, John A. 6/20/2013 

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards.

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