Churches, individuals invited to name new United Church Board nominees

Churches, individuals invited to name new United Church Board nominees


As the United Church of Christ lives into the plan for Unified Governance, individual members and churches are invited and encouraged to name potential nominees for the new United Church Board. 

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The Proposal for Unified Governance and the enabling Bylaw amendments call for the General Synod Nominating Committee to provide for a means of allowing "individual members" to nominate either themselves or other members of the Church for election. This is the first time individual members and local churches have had this opportunity.

If a local church or individual member of the UCC wants to nominate a potential board member, they need to send an e-mail to the General Synod Nominating Committee, with the name of the person, the local church membership of the nominee, the Conference in which the local church is located, the nominee's email and mailing addresses, and all of the nominee's phone numbers (home, cell, work). Then, by email, the person being suggested will be contacted by the Nominating Committee and sent a nomination form to complete and return.

From this process, the Nominating Committee will select 36 at-large nominees –– including 12 from the existing Executive Council and boards –– and their names will be placed on the ballot submitted for election by the UCC's Twenty-ninth General Synod in Long Beach in July 2013. Those elected will begin service with the start of the new governance structure, shortly after the conclusion of the 2013 General Synod.

The deadline for receiving nomination forms from potential candidates is Oct. 15, 2012. Those who are considered will not know, and cannot ask, if they have been placed on the ballot until it is made public in late May 2013.

The responsibilities of the United Church Board include meeting at least twice a year, likely over a three- or four-day period, most often in Cleveland. Board members are not paid, but travel, lodging and meals are provided and reasonable incidental expenses are reimbursed.  There is an expectation that members of the board will make an annual financial gift to the UCC, above their normal giving level, as is the common nonprofit board practice.

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