United Church of Christ

Resources for Children

All creatures great and small, our loving God made us all! 

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S A F E   F U N   G A M E S

 Coloring Game - Simply move the mouse over the screen to "paint" images.  Try to make a butterfly or     anything else your imagination sees.

Sparkle Stars - Move your mouse over the screen to see "stars" follow your cursor.

Random Designs - Practice clicking your mouse buttons to change the colors of the designs. 

When you are finished with any of the games below, simply use the back left arrow (Alt + Left) to return to the previous page.

Drawing Pad - Simply use the pencil to sketch anything that you can imagine.

Matching Fruit - Match the fruit in this memory game, once they are all pair up, try again!

Marble Puzzle - This one is a little harder, hop one marble over another until only one marble is left on the board.


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