Children and Families

Children and Families

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Build a Village

An interactive website for the whole family, featuring alternative holiday and year-round gift giving opportunities in support of the life-changing work of Church World Service — as well as stories, games, and other activities for children of all ages. As we have in years past , we are suggesting that local church congregations participate in the Church World Service Kit Program. In 2005 we focused on School Kits because coordinators of the AKit Program@ express a great need for these kits. However, this year there is a great need for all kits. So we are suggesting that you and your local congregation make a selection from the list of kits - School Kits, Clean Up Kits, Health Kits, or Baby Kits (Layette) - and send your kits to Church World Service. You will find the kits, items for each and the mailing address by going to the following website:, once the page is open , click on ATools, Blankets and Kits@ at the top of the screen, once this page opens, you will see the words A How To Make and Ship Church World Service Kits@ and click on these words. You will see a listing of kits and items needed.. Click on the kit that your congregation will pack and send to CWS. i.e. Health Kits . Once you have clicked on the kit of your choice, you will see the mailing address and procedures for sending your kits to Church World Service. Questions? Call the regional office at 888-297-2767.

Children's Sabbath

Visit our new page dedicated to this year long educational possibility for congregations

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