Changes coming to United Church News

Changes coming to United Church News

March 31, 2001
Written by Staff Reports

Beginning with the July-August issue, readers will benefit from changes in the look and distribution of United Church News, including free subscriptions, voluntary contributions, separate sections for conference news and special coverage—such as for General Synod, youth ministry or individual Covenanted Ministries.

Executive Council members unanimously affirmed these changes at their March 16 meeting in Cleveland.

The vote followed a year-long process of research and evaluation, which included two national consultations, a readership survey, and countless conversations with Conference Ministers and editors.

The most noticeable change will be a consistent front page across the UCC.

It will be similar to the current national edition front page, and include a large color photo and a single "good news" story.

Conference editions will no longer "wrap around" the national section of the paper, but instead will be a separate section of the paper, similar to the sections (e.g., sports, business, lifestyle) of our daily newspapers.

In Conferences that choose to include their Conference publications as a section of United Church News, a newly-designed "flag" at the top of the front page will feature the names of both United Church News and the Conference edition.

Already a half dozen Conferences not among the 14 Conferences currently publishing their own United Church News editions have expressed interest in participating in the new program.

Anyone who wants to receive United Church News will be able to sign up for a free subscription.

Periodically all readers will be asked to contribute to this communication ministry of the United Church of Christ.

Further details will be available in future issues of United Church News.

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