Called to be one

Called to be one

August 31, 2006
Written by Daniel Hazard

Almighty God, whose will it is that all people dwell in unity, we thank you for our diversity and for all signs of oneness in the midst of our fragmented world: for neighborhood among nations; for understanding among races; for dialogue among faiths; for sisterhood and brotherhood among persons; for all steps in the way of unity with love, we praise you, O God.

Yet, at the same time, we need your forgiveness for our lack of oneness: for strife among nations that means destruction and death to many; for false pride and narrow patriotism that block paths to peace; for divisions between people of different races, classes and religions; for ungodly dissension among those who claim the name of Christ; for the brokenness within our own lives that stifles growth.

From all such unnecessary and false barriers between persons, good Lord, deliver us.

Put us in a right and good relationship with you, with one another and within our very selves, as we live Jesus' vision of inclusive love. Amen.

"Called to be one" is a prayer by the Rev. Dennis W. Haas from the Aug. 6 cover from the UCC Sunday Bulletin Service. Haas is a retired chaplain of UCC-related Grinnell College in Iowa. Learn more about the Bulletin Service, including ordering information, at  

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