Books of the Bible: Romans

Books of the Bible: Romans


Emily C. Heath

Malcolm Gladwell, the journalist and author, has a theory.


Quinn G. Caldwell

Not being in school any more, I don't pay as much attention to footnotes as I used to.

Bird Armor

Quinn G. Caldwell

When the artist Seamus Moran visited the Tower of London, his attention was arrested by a disturbing sight: standing amid the rows of suits of armor for men and horses, a little metal outfit, maybe two and a half feet tall.

Transformed Nonconformists

Vicki Kemper

How easy it is to use this scripture to justify our self-righteous refusal to go along with any ol' thing.

He's Got Our Back

What's your favorite verse or story in the Bible?

Take (My) Heart

Mary Luti

We may not always know that we're encouraging each other, but heaven knows. The hovering angels see.

Bearing False Witness

Mary Luti

I don't know what it will take to get us to stop bearing false witness against our neighbors. To stop writing Jews out of their own story. To finally wipe this ancient stain from the Christian heart.

Holy Weeping

Richard L. Floyd

When we "weep with those who weep," and I am convinced that in these holy moments God weeps with us.

Religion Without the Rules

Kenneth L. Samuel

For a long time, John Lennon's famous lines from his iconic song, "Imagine," haunted me.

Don't Mistake Sin

Donna Schaper

Often we mistake sin for its disguises in right and wrong behavior.