Books of the Bible: Micah

Books of the Bible: Micah

Beyond 6:8

Quinn G. Caldwell

Stick only with Micah 6:8, and you might think that our faith is primarily a scold, trying to hector you into behaving better so you can save the world yourself.


Donna Schaper

My granddaughter told her mother that she didn't like her mother's "workiness."  Eva is 4.

Remember First, Hope Second

Donna Schaper

Television writer and producer Norman Lear, who is about to turn 93, was asked how he made it so long and so well.  He responded, "By knowing the difference between what is over and what is next."

Why I Need Church More than It Needs Me

Molly Baskette

I am getting to find out whether I am a good person, living a good life, without a church.