Books of the Bible: Luke

Books of the Bible: Luke


Quinn G. Caldwell

On Palm Sunday, Jesus starts a very difficult journey. He's about to walk a hard road to a terrible place.

Let's Tell the Truth This Holy Week

Talitha Arnold

Jewish-Christian relations have changed, thank God, in the last decades, but as Christians, we still need to pay attention to how we tell the story of Holy Week.

Lord, Should We Go Target Shooting?

Matt Fitzgerald

Could your church turn out a fifth-grade pacifist in a gun-crazed town? How about in a gun-crazed nation? 


Donna Schaper

There must be some kind of sacrament to interruptions, like at open-air assemblies or picnics, where some spiritual guru demands your food.

Bow Your Head Beneath the Door Jamb

Matt Fitzgerald

I've got a lot on my hands.

Just Words

Tony Robinson

There's a popular wisdom that says words don't matter. It's actions that are important.

Population Zero

Quinn G. Caldwell

There are, to be sure, righteous persons out there.  Maybe you're one of them.  But there aren't any out there who don't need to repent, at least once in a while.

No Worries

Matt Laney

This is no small challenge.


Mary Luti

At Jesus' baptism, God discloses his identity: beloved Child.

He Bought the Flowers Himself

Kaji Douša

He looked for excuses to buy me flowers.