Books of the Bible: James

Books of the Bible: James

Just Like Us

Bob Thompson

Elijah is one of the most theatrical and mysterious figures in the Bible. 

Being "Convicted"

Tony Robinson

"I've heard a lot of sermons in the past ten years that make me want to get up and walk out," wrote Garrison Keillor.

The Joy of Tests

Vince Amlin

I have often thought of tests of faith like ordinary exams, asking me what I already know, making sure I did the required reading.

Rich as Kings, Poor in Soul?

Molly Baskette

The conundrum: as rich as we've become, our wealth has not eradicated poverty. 

The Power of Patience

Marchae Grair

In God's Divine wisdom, perhaps She knows we need reminders to slow down and wait. 

Payday Theology

Vicki Kemper

While Paul warns that the wages of sin would be our death if not for Christ, James goes further, saying that the sin of low wages kills Christ all over again. And again. 

Does it Work?

Jennifer Brownell

The labyrinth worked as sacred space, as beautiful creation, as invitational circle, as formation of community, as joy that bubbles into laughter, as holy ground.

This Kind of Help Is Messy

Jennifer Brownell

What should the church do about overnight guests?

Death and Life in a Small New Hampshire Church

Martin B. Copenhaver

They say the church is dying.  Don’t you believe it.


Quinn G. Caldwell

Mercy always sounds to me like a word for bigger-deal people than I am.