Books of the Bible: Isaiah

Books of the Bible: Isaiah

Worth a Second Look

John A. Nelson

Idolatry is bad: soul-killingly bad.

Never Give Up

Tony Robinson

The old coach had been invited to give the high school commencement speech.

Atheists Could Be On To Something

Matt Fitzgerald

Atheists are wrong, but they could be on to something. Maybe God is gone. Absent.

Still Not Dead Again Today

Martin B. Copenhaver

Change is not a sign of death.  It is a sign of life.  Only the living change.

Comfort Ye

Vince Amlin

God doesn't comfort us in our exclusion, our injustice, or our defense of systemic oppression. God doesn't comfort us in our complacency, our complicity, or our sin. 


Quinn G. Caldwell

God's hoping for a lot more from you than just good public manners. Isaiah says God's given you—you!—as a light to the nations.

Same God

Matt Laney

It's not true that the New Testament God is a God of love while the Old Testament God is a God of wrath. It's the same God.


Vicki Kemper

But it is even harder, perhaps, to face the reality that we cannot truly save anyone or fix anything.

168 Hours

Emily C. Heath

One of the things I find myself preaching about the most is time, and how we choose to use it. 

Call Us This Day

Jennifer Brownell

"Would you like to receive ashes today?"  We asked one person after another.