Books of the Bible: Galatians

Books of the Bible: Galatians


Quinn G. Caldwell

Every once in a while, some well-meaning person of goodwill will refer to my son's birth parents as his "real" parents.

Don't Congratulate a Cat on its Landing

Lillian Daniel

Be on the lookout for the next cat flailing in the air. And next time, try to help. 

Holding Hands

Matt Fitzgerald

Each year our church hosts a luncheon for our elderly members. The servers are our fifth graders.

Looking Past the Peril

John A. Nelson

Any religious teaching can be solidified into doctrine, which strains out its poetry, sifts out its dynamism, and hollows out its heart.

Confirmation Bias

Molly Baskette

How is it that we read the same Bible so differently, and follow one and the same Jesus in such opposite directions? 

"You can’t carry two watermelons with one hand." -  Proverb

Lillian Daniel

Sometimes we can trick ourselves into doing impossible things.

Real Freedom

Richard L. Floyd

Today we celebrate Independence Day. There will be many speeches about freedom, an ideal much treasured among us. But we must acknowledge that many living in slavery in 1776 did not become free that July 4.

Desire Paths

Vince Amlin

A desire path is the trail that pops up on a lawn when enough people take the same shortcut.


Donna Schaper

The whole chapter five of Galatians is worth a good long read.

Better Ways Not to Believe in God

Donna Schaper

Let me give you three ways to lean towards God if you can't or don't believe.