Books of the Bible: Deuteronomy

Books of the Bible: Deuteronomy

Once We Were Strangers

Richard L. Floyd

The various summaries of the law in the Bible include strangers as people to be especially cared for.

The Next Generation

Tony Robinson

As we grow older, what's our job?

God of Second Chances

Vicki Kemper

I would like to tell you the story of Shirley Hines, whose spirit was crushed when Hurricane Harvey wrecked her late mother's coffee cups.

Holding on a Little Too Tight

Emily C. Heath

I hope that my death is still many years away.

Is God Responsible for Everything? 

Lillian Daniel

"If we don't accept each other, even the One Above won't save us from ourselves."

It Will Be All Right

Mary Luti

We aren't here to own anything, but to receive everything; not to finish anything, but to participate in something.


Vince Amlin

The right time for sabbath is not when our work is finished, but when it has piled up until we cannot see over it into a hopeful future.

A Wise and Discerning People

Talitha Arnold

As we gear up for the new school year, we would be smart to heed Moses' urgent command.

A "Grown Folks’ Conversation"

Kenneth L. Samuel

As a young boy, I would often watch my mother conversing with friends and relatives.  Every now and then, she would turn to me and say: "This is a grown folks’ conversation."  That was my directive to leave the room. 

What's That on Your Face?

John Edgerton

I envy the conviction of people with extensive tattoos.  From twenty feet away their hands or arms or faces mark them as different, distinct, committed to living out their path.