Books of the Bible: 1 Samuel

Books of the Bible: 1 Samuel

Truth and Power

Kaji Douša

He was there for the inauguration, standing before him for the prayer service.

This Retirement Stuff Is Hard

Tony Robinson

"We've got to talk, this retirement stuff is HARD"

Murk and Luminescence

Matt Fitzgerald

God sees straight into your heart. God sees the awful, cringeworthy parts. And She does not say, "What's wrong with you?"

Getting There

Molly Baskette

My husband and I have a little in-phrase. "We're getting there," we have said to each other, at least 4,167 times in our 21 years together.

Unarmored Love

Molly Baskette

One of the oldest love stories in the world is about David and Jonathan.

"He Could Not Go!"

Jeff Nelson

The effectiveness of any tool depends on whether it suits the one who needs it.

One Pray at a Time

Maren C. Tirabassi

When it comes to addiction the world is full of misunderstanding.

Superior Firepower

Matt Laney

Faith is the greatest weapon there is.

Dead of a Broken Heart

Emily C. Heath

When I was a hospital chaplain I learned that the phrase "died of a broken heart" actually had some validity.

Watching. Waiting. Listening

Ron Buford

The will of God is often revealed in the waiting, watching, and listening.