Books of the Bible: 1 Peter

Books of the Bible: 1 Peter

Multitude of Sins

Vicki Kemper

How the subject came up I don't recall.

The Community that Mercy Makes

Richard L. Floyd

I sit in the pews these days, since my pastoring days are behind me, and I contemplate my fellow church members, many of whom I have come to love. What brings them here, I wonder?

A Culture of Character

Emily C. Heath

There's nothing wrong with being yourself, and being proud about it.


Quinn G. Caldwell

You might think your inheritance is something that will come to you from someone else with more than you. 

Raised Expectations

Vince Amlin

"What do you expect of me as a fellow church member?"


Tony Robinson

Real gold, says Peter, takes time to be revealed. Time and trial.

Me and My Sombrero

Marchae Grair

God, help me to seek lessons from my elders while building my own authentic truths.