Sound teaching: responding to God's mighty claim on our whole life!

Sound teaching: responding to God's mighty claim on our whole life!

 John Thomas I
 John Thomas II
 Lydia Veliko
 Carl Rasmussen
 1934 Barmen Declaration

Craigville Colloquy XXI from July 12 to 16, 2004, was a landmark event: the 20th anniversary of the UCC's only annual theological retreat for ordained ministers and lay members of the church. It returned to the theme of the first Colloquy in 1984, which reflected on the 1934 Barmen Declaration—a courageous repudiation by Christians in Germany of Hitler's attempt to subordinate the church to Nazi ideology.

The church in Germany was tempted to capitulate to an alien ideology. What are the temptations that face the church 60 years later? How can the church today speak to our culture with the passion and authority of the Barmen Synod in its day?

Keynote speaker was the Rev. John H. Thomas, General Minister and President of the United Church of Christ. His two papers are online. Also available are papers by the Rev. Lydia Veliko, the UCC's ecumenical officer, and lay theologian and law scholar Carl Rasmussen of Milwaukee, Wisc. We also hope to bring you soon papers from the Craigville anniversary celebration, including a powerful look backwards and forwards by the Rev. Avery Post, past UCC President. 

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