See YOUR CHURCH on YouTube!

See YOUR CHURCH on YouTube!


See YOUR CHURCH on YouTube!


As you know, the United Church of Christ has been through some media challenges in the last few months... Now it’s our turn to speak.

In order to get the Steeples ad on the air, we have a minimum fundraising goal of $350,000. It's a big goal, but we can do it together. Give a little, or give a lot. But give.

Donate Now

Calling on everyone with access to a video camera!  We have a cool idea and we want you to help us bring it to life.

As part of our campaign to air the Steeples ad this fall, we are inviting you and your church to submit YOUR OWN VERSION OF THE STEEPLES GAME (you know the one: "Here is the church…Here is the Steeple…Open the Door…And see ALL THE PEOPLE!")

Here's the Plan

  • You've seen the ad right? (Check it out on the lefthand side of this page if you haven't.)
  • Wouldn't it be fun if we showed REAL UCC CHURCHES saying (singing, dancing, painting, signing, playing) the Steeples game in their own unique way?
  • That's what we want YOU to videotape: your OWN version of "Here is the church…Here is the Steeple…Open the Door…And see ALL THE PEOPLE!"
  • Once you send in your cool, homemade versions, we'll compile them and put the finished product on, youtube, facebook, etc. in time to coincide with the Steeples national ad run in September. Together, we'll let the whole world see how DIVERSE, ENERGETIC and CREATIVE UCC churches are! 
  • Who knows?  We may just find other ways to use the submissions too. Perhaps YOUR church will find its way to our next national ad! You never know…

How to Participate!

1)  Recruit some willing folks at your church

2)  Determine whether you will go with a SHORT or LONG submission

  • SHORT: 10 seconds or less
  • LONG: Surprise us!

3)  Brainstorm your church's unique twist on the Steeples game.

  • Will you shout it from the rooftops? Gurgle it from underwater? Belt it from the stage? Harmonize from the chancel? Spell it with your bodies? Paint it on a wall?
  • Who will do it? Everyone together or individual groups?  Kids and Youth? Grandmas? Over-70's? Under 7's? Families? Singles? Couples? Drooling Babies? Folks in the left pews? Folks in the right pews? Folks in the balcony? All of the above?
  • Your imagination is the only limitation!
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4)  Videotape it either DIGITALLY or on a mini DV tape

5)  Submissions

  • To submit digital recordings…upload them in QUICK TIME (.mov) to our YouTube Steeples page.
  • To submit Mini DV tapes…send them to:

    The Stillspeaking Ministry
    United Church of Christ
    700 Prospect Avenue
    Cleveland, OH 44115
  • Make sure to include the name and city of your church on all submissions!!!

6)  Deadlines

  • Sooner is Better! In order to get your church's video included in the edited version that will appear in conjunction with the Steeples ad run in September, make your submission by AUGUST 18.
  • Feel free to submit after that deadline too.  We'll edit them in as we get them!

7)  Questions?  Contact Gwen Thomas, Assistant Stillspeaking Coordinator.  

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Contact Info

Gwendolyn Thomas
Assistant Stillspeaking Coordinator
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44115