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SAMUEL:  Advent Preaching Resource
Stuck?  Find inspiration for your sermon from Samuel, our weekly sermon resource.

2009 Worship Ways - Candle Lighting Suggestions

Calendar of Prayer: First Sunday in Advent
Read the daily prayer for the first Sunday in Advent from our 365 day calendar of prayer.

NEW Resource -- "All Creatures Great and Small"  - Children's Activity Sheet --  Based on the Season of the Spirit Theme and the focus scripture reading for the week.

Formas de Cultos de Adoración en Español.

Worship Ways Advent Archive
Dozens of seasonal worship resources including Advent Candle-Lighting, Advent Customs and Prayers, Advent Sunday Liturgies, Christmas Prayers and Customs, Kwanzaa, New Year's Eve, World AIDS Day, and Human Rights Day.

Global Ministries 2009 Resources 
Read dozens of letters from Global Ministries missionaries from around the world reflecting on the Advent season.

Suggested Hymns from the New Century Hymnal

Suggested Hymns from the new praise songbook:
"SING! Prayer and Praise"

Advent 2008, Year B Resources Archive

External Resources 

UCC Resources

From Pass-A-Grille Beach Community Church, Florida Conference

Advent Lectionary Series

by Dr. Carole Fontaine ~ Professor of Biblical Theology and History
Andover-Newton Theological Seminary

Ecumenical Partner Resources

Center For Excellence in Preaching

The Text This Week

Creighton University


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