UCC Board of Directors

UCC Board of Directors


Dale Bonds
Ms. Bonds is a member of Central St. Matthew UCC in New Orleans and is retired from the IBM Corporation as a Systems Availability Engineer with a BA in mathematics. Ms. Bonds is a Katrina survivor, rebuilding her home after the storm and instrumental in combining two devastated congregations into the vibrant Central St. Matthew. Ms. Bonds is the President of the Board of Directors of the UCC Back Bay Mission in Biloxi, Mississippi. She served as Assistant Moderator of General Synod 29. 
(Class of 2017)

Frank Bolden, Vice-Chair
Mr. Bolden is a member of Christ Church UCC in Summit, New Jersey. Mr. Bolden is retired from the Johnson & Johnson Company where he served as Corporate Secretary, Associate General Counsel and Vice-president for Diversity. Prior to his work at Johnson & Johnson, he was in private practice. Mr. Bolden is a former Army Airborne Ranger Infantry Officer. He previously served as the Chair of the Board of Trustees of the University of Vermont and on the Board of Trustees of Atlantic Healthcare System. 
(Class of 2019)

Maritza Angulo de Gonzalez 
Rev. Anguola de Gonzalez is the Pastor of Manantial de Gracia UCC in New Britain, Connecticut. Holding an Ed.D., with emphasis on counseling, Ms. Angulo de Gonzalez has worked in the mental health field for the past 20 years as a counselor, administrator and program director at various mental health agencies and in private practice. She serves on the boards of directors of several counseling agencies and shelters. 
(Class of 2019)

Caroline Belsom 
Ms. Belsom is a member of Waiola UCC in Lahaina, Hawaii. Ms. Belsom is in private practice as an attorney after formerly serving as General Counsel to Kapalua Land Company. She is a former Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa. Prior to her law career, she was a school teacher and holds a Master’s Degree in Physics. Ms. Belsom is a former Assistant Moderator of the General Synod and served on its Executive Council. 
(Class of 2019)

Lynda Bigler 
Rev. Bigler is a member of Ainsworth UCC in Portland, Oregon and holds Ministerial Authorization with an M.Div. Ms. Bigler serves on the United Church of Christ Disabilities Ministries and is the Vice-chair of the Virginia Kryer Scholarship Fund for Theological Studies, benefiting students with disabilities. Prior to entering the ministry Ms. Bigler was a banker. She served as the Pension and Investment Banking Operations Officer of Bankers’ Trust in New York and served other banks in New York, Pittsburgh and Providence, Rhode Island. 
(Class of 2017)

Geoffrey Brace
Mr. Brace is a member of Zion Reformed UCC in Allentown, Pennsylvania and serves as Legislative Aide to Pennsylvania State Representative Mike Schlossberg. He holds a Master’s Degree in Public Policy. Before joining the legislative staff Mr. Brace served as the Executive Director of the Kutztown Community Partnership. He currently serves as the Penn Northeast Conference Moderator. He served on the Justice and Witness Ministries Board of Directors and the Governance Implementation Taskforce. 
(Class of 2017)

Carolyne Call
Rev. Call is Associate Conference Minister for the Indiana-Kentucky Conference and a member of Zion UCC in South Bend, Indiana. She holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and has served as a local church pastor, an adjunct instructor at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis and as the Director of the Office for Civic and Social Engagement at St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame, Indiana. Rev. Call is active in various ecumenical and civic volunteer organizations.
(Class of 2021)

Dennis Coy
Mr. Coy is an executive security officer for Consumers National Bank in Canton, Ohio and the pastor of Congregational UCC in Canton. A former police officer and former Special Agent for the State of Ohio, Mr. Coy served as the 85th President of the Ohio Jaycees and remains an active volunteer for various civic organizations, including the North Canton Chamber of Commerce. Prior to his call at Congregational UCC he served as the Director of Youth Ministry at Trinity UCC, also in Canton.
(Class of 2021)

Robert Frieberg
Mr. Frieberg is a member of Beresford UCC in Beresford, South Dakota. He is the Senior and Managing Partner of Frieberg, Nelson and Ask LLP and sits on the governing body of the American Bar Association. He is a lobbyist at the state level of government. He is the past President of the South Dakota State Board of Education and sits on the University of South Dakota Foundation Board of Directors. Mr. Frieberg is a former Assistant Moderator of the General Synod and a long-time Synod Parliamentarian. 
(Class of 2019)

Gilberto Garcia-Rodriquez 
Rev. Garcia-Rodriquez is the Pastor of Trinity UCC in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (M. Div.) and has a passion for Christian Education. Rev. Garcia-Rodriquez is a degreed social worker and, in addition to his pastoral duties, he is the Assistant Director of Family Answers, a non-profit social services organization in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He was a member of the Executive Council and is the current Chair of the Council for Hispanic Ministries.
(Class of 2017)

Darrell Goodwin
Rev. Goodwin serves as the Dean of Students at Seattle University. He is a member and founding Pastor of Liberation UCC in Seattle, and served as Director of the Shaw Leadership Program at Boston College. Rev.Goodwin served two terms as a member of the Penn West Conference Nominating Committee, is a member of his local ecumenical clergy group and is active in various community and civic organizations.
(Class of 2017)

Carla Gregg-Kearns
Rev. Gregg-Kearns is the Senior Pastor of Good Shepherd UCC in Cary, North Carolina. Prior to entering the ministry, Rev. Gregg-Kearns was a caseworker for social service agencies in Austin, Texas. She is a former member of the Office of General Ministries Board of Directors and currently serves as the President of the Southern Conference Board of Directors. She is the co-founder of the United Church of Christ/Presbyterian Campus Ministry at Duke University.
(Class of 2021)

Richard Harter

Mr. Harter is a retired lawyer and a member of the First Congregational Church of Guilford, Connecticut.  He holds degrees from Yale University and The University of Chicago.  Mr. Harter has served as an officer and director of many UCC-related entities, including Chicago Theological Seminary, LeMoyne-Owen College and the United Church Board for Homeland Ministries.  He was an active member of First Church in Cambridge UCC in Cambridge, Massachusetts for many years and an officer and director of the Massachusetts Conference.
(Class of 2021)

Emily Heath 
Emily Heath is the Senior Pastor of the Congregational Church in Exeter (UCC). Prior to serving in New Hampshire, Heath did graduate work in both Reformed Theology and psychology, was a pastor in Vermont, and served as a fire and trauma chaplain. Heath is also an active writer whose work has been featured in the Christian Century and Huffington Post, and whose first book is being released in 2016.
(Class of 2019)

Wesley Hurt
(Class of 2017)

Alice W. Hunt
Rev. Hunt is the President of Chicago Theological Seminary and a member of Trinity UCC in Chicago. She holds a PhD.  Rev. Hunt was the Academic Dean at Vanderbilt Divinity School, worked as a Systems Analyst on the Hubble Space Telescope, and is a former school math teacher in Georgia, Alabama and Kenya.  Rev. Hunt served on the Executive Council under the former governance structure and serves on the Board of Directors of the Center for Progressive Renewal.

(Class of 2021)

Noah Jensen Tabor 
Mr. Jensen Tabor is a member of Maquoketa UCC in Maquoketa, Iowa and is a law school student at St. Thomas Law School in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mr. Jensen Tabor is a graduate of St. Olaf College where he majored in religion and in political science. He volunteers legal advice to his local Huntington’s Disease Youth Organization. He served on the Wider Church Ministries Board of Directors and on the Board’s Organizational Life Committee and Disaster Relief Committee. 
(Class of 2017)

Nesa Joseph 
Dr. Joseph is a member of St. Paul UCC in Lebanon, Illinois and a Healthcare administrator. He has served in hospital and healthcare leadership positions in the US and in India. He is the current President and CEO of the Visiting Nurse Association of Greater St. Louis. Dr. Joseph holds  Masters and Doctoral degrees with specialty in hospital and health administration. He is the past Vice-president of Operations for the Deaconess Foundation in St. Louis. Prior to that, he served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Manipal Hospital and Heart Foundation in Bangalore, India. He has served on the Board of Directors of the UCC’s Council for Health and Human Service Ministries (CHHSM) and was the Chair of its Finance Committee. He currently serves as Chair of the Board of Directors of the United Church Funds (UCF).
(Class of 2019)

Julia LeBrell 
Ms. LeBrell is a member of St. Paul’s UCC in Dearborn, Michigan and is a substitute teacher. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Ecology and in Evolution and Behavioral Biology. In addition to her education skills, Ms. LeBrell has worked as an office manager and program director at Camp Talahi Retreat and Nature Center. She is a member of the Council for Youth and Young Adult Ministries
(Class of 2017)

James Maki
Mr. Maki, an engineer, is currently pursuing an advanced degree in engineering. He is a member of Zion UCC in Le Sueur, Minnesota.  Mr. Maki holds a B.S. computer engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering and served on the Executive Council of the former governance structure, one of the youngest members to ever sit on that body. Mr. Maki is fencer and fencing instructor and while in school served as the treasurer of his college fraternity.
(Class of 2021) 

Douglas McClelland
Mr. McClelland is a lawyer and retired business law professor at Montana State University. He is a member of First Congregational UCC in Billings, Montana. He holds a J.D. from the University of California-Berkeley School of Law.  Mr. McClelland operates a travel planning business featuring winery tours and fly-fishing in Argentina. He is a conservationist and previously served as National President of Trout Unlimited and on the Board of the Yellowstone Park Foundation. He is a former member of the Executive Council of the former governance structure, serving two years as its Vice-Chair.
(Class of 2012)

Brittni Melius
(Class of 2017)

Yesenia Menendez-Sanchez
Ms. Menendez-Sanchez  is a Parenting Educator and a member of Iglesia Hispana de la Comunidad UCC in Boston, Massachusetts. She holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work. Ms. Menendez-Sanchez has worked professionally for a childhood autism agency, as well as a Restaurant Operations Manager, a business consultant and as the Interim Director of a Big Brothers Big Sisters program. She is the Moderator at her local church and sings in the choir, and is a member of the Massachusetts Conference Board of Directors.
(Class of 2021)

David Nelson
Mr. Nelson is the President of Nelson Equity Development, LLC and of Ocean Energy Company, both of Des Moines, Iowa, and a member of Plymouth Congregational UCC in Des Moines. Mr. Nelson holds an A.B. and an MBA from Harvard. He served as the Chief Financial Officer at various Midwestern companies and began his career as a bank officer in New York. He has long been active at all levels of his local church and served on the Iowa Conference Board of Directors. Mr. Nelson volunteers his time as President and Chair of the Board of Directors of Plymouth Place and has previously served his local YMCA and Polk County Youth Law Center as a board member and President.
(Class of 2021)

Kevin Omi 
Rev. Omi is the Senior Pastor of Sycamore Congregational UCC in El Cerrito, California, and holds Ministerial Authorization with an M.Div. Prior to entering the ministry Rev. Omi served as a Vice-President of Wells Fargo Bank, as the Executive Director-Kaiser Health Plan, and was a partner at PwC Consulting, an information technology firm that listed clients such as the California State Compensation Insurance Fund, Charles Schwab and Cisco Systems. He holds an MBA. 
(Class of 2019)

Kevin Peterson 
Mr. Peterson is a member of Wayside UCC in Federal City, Washington and is a piano teacher and freelance musician.  Mr. Peterson holds a BA in economics, ethics, religion and music. He is a former member of the Council for Youth and Young Adult Ministries. He is a former member of the Local Church Ministries Board of Directors, served on the Governance Follow-up Team and served on the Constitutional Writing Team that brought the revisions to the UCC Constitution and Bylaws enabling the new governance structure
(Class of 2019)

Christina Phillips
Ms. Phillips is a member of First Congregational UCC in Waterville, Maine and serves as a Lead Service Coordinator through Roxbury Youthworks, Inc. for the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families. She holds a BA in Government. Ms. Phillips served a six-year term as a youth representative to the Twenty-sixth, Twenty-seventh and Twenty-eighth General Synod Nominating Committees. She served as a delegate to General Synod at the age of 14. During high school, she was the President of the Maine State Youth Council. 
(Class of 2019)

Thea Racelis
Ms. Thea L. Racelis is the Pastor of South Congregational Church of Middletown, Connecticut.  She holds Ministerial Authorization with a M.Div. and also has a Master’s Degree in Education.  Ms. Racelis served as Young Adult Ministries Coordinator for the Southern California Nevada Conference of the United Church of Christ and as Transitional Minister at San Dimas Community Church, UCC.  She has also served as Program Director for School and Community Partnerships at an inner city school in Los Angeles. (Class of 2017)

Inez Reid
Ms. Reid is a Senior Judge, District of Columbia Court of Appeals and a member of Peoples UCC in Washington, DC. She holds a J.D. Ms. Reid served as General Counsel to the Department of Health, Education and Welfare prior to her appointment to the court. She served on the Local Church Ministries Board of Directors, as Chair for two years, under the former governance structure and has served on the Cornerstone Fund Board of Directors. Ms. Reid was a contributing participant in the effort that brought the new governance structure to the UCC. She is active in various community and civic organizations.
(Class of 2021)

Ernesto (Ernie) Reyes 
Rev. Reyes is the current part time Administrative Pastor of the Las Vegas United Church of Christ.  He holds Ministerial Authorization with an M.Div at the Central Association of the Southern California Nevada Conference. He also works as the Assistant Administrator and Bereavement Coordinator of Los Angeles Hospice, Inc. He previously served local churches both in the UCC and UMC.  After serving active duty in the enlisted ranks of the US Army, he was commissioned as a Captain in the Army Chaplaincy and served in the US Army Reserves for nine years.  Rev. Reyes currently serves as the Moderator of the Pacific Islander Asian American Ministries.
(Class of 2017)

Dwayne Royster
Rev. Royster is the Pastor of Living Waters UCC in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and holds Ministerial Authorization with a MAR after receiving the Privilege of Call through the Philadelphia Association of the Penn Southeast Conference. In addition to his pastoral duties, Rev. Royster serves as an elected Councilperson in Norristown, Pennsylvania and is the Executive Director of a multi-faith neighborhood organizing agency. Prior to entering the ministry Rev. Royster was a Program Director and Director of Social Services at social service agencies. He was a member of the Executive Council. 
(Class of 2017)

Carol Shipley 
Ms. Shipley is a member of First Congregational UCC in Great Falls, Montana and is a special education public school teacher, holding an M.Ed. She She served on the General Synod Nominating Committee, 2003-2009 and as its Chair 2007-2009. Ms. Shipley was instrumental in transforming the nominating process to the well-organized Synod function that it is today. Ms. Shipley is a past Honored Lay Woman at the 2001 General Synod, and served as a General Synod delegate in 1993 and 1995. She is a volunteer for her local 4-H Chapter and for her community adult literacy program. 
(Class of 2019)

William Tanner 
Mr. Tanner is a member of First Congregational UCC in Santa Cruz, California, and is a seminary student. Mr. Tanner has served as a camp director, supervising a staff of 20. Mr. Tanner was a member of the UGov Group that brought the new governance structure, and he has a passion for the technical theatre. He is a volunteer for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s fund raising efforts. 
(Class of 2017)

Frances Q.F. Wong
Ms.Wong is a Circuit Court Judge for the State of Hawaii, now serving in a retired-fill in capacity. She is a member of Church of the Crossroads in Honolulu, Hawaii. She holds a J.D. and served as the Senior (Administrative) Judge during her time on the court. Ms. Wong’s undergraduate degree is in education and she taught special education early in her career. She is a graduate of the Pacific School of Religion. Ms. Wong has five times served as Moderator of her local church and has served on various Conference boards and committees, as well as on several civic boards, many related to the arts.
(Class of 2021)

Yvette Wynn
Ms. Wynn is a Private Banker for Morgan Stanley Private Bank and a member of Community Church of the Pelhams in Pelham, New York. She holds a Master’s Degree in Economics. Ms. Wynn has served as Moderator of her local church, sits on the Metropolitan Association Board of Directors and served on the New York Conference Annual Meeting Planning Team. She volunteers her time with the Westchester County Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity and her local food bank.
(Class of 2021)


John C. Dorhauer
General Minister and President

James Moos
Executive Minister, Wider Church Ministries

J. Bennett Guess
Executive Minister, Local Church Ministries

Brian R. Bodager
President & CEO, Pensions Boards United Church of Christ

Don Hart
President, United Church Funds

Michael Readinger
President & CEO, Council for Health & Human Services Ministries (CHHSM)

Sue Artt
General Synod Moderator
Rev. Artt is pastor of St. Paul UCC in Nashville, Illinois, and has served this congregation since 2006.  Rev. Artt has served on the UCC’s Governance Implementation Task Force and as a member the Local Church Ministries Board of Directors. Before entering ministry, Rev. Artt was an executive for the Mobile Oil Corporation.  

Norman Williams
Vice-Moderator (Class of 2017).

Edward Davis
Conference Minister, Southern Conference

Mike Denton
Conference Minister, Pacific Northwest Conference

David Gaewski
Conference Minister, New York Conference

Keith Mills
Conference Minister, Northern Plains Conference

Jorge Morales
Conference Minister, Illinois Conference

Gary Schulte
Conference Minister, New Hampshire Conference

William Edwards
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

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Chief Administrative Officer
700 Prospect Ave.
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