Equal Opportunity and Diversity

HR Services include:

  • Works to recruit and retain a diverse staff population
  • Investigates complaints of unlawful discrimination on the basis sex, gender-identity, race, religion, color, or national origin; people over 40; people with physical or mental disabilities; and veterans of the US military.
  • Assists with the coordination of reasonable and appropriate accommodations for staff persons with documented disabilities.
  • Provides guidance to staff regarding policies and procedures
  • Communicates the UCC’s commitment to inclusivity and works with a council of dedicated and committed staff to establish diversity programs and initiatives.
  • Promotes a culturally diverse and inclusive working and learning environment where current and prospective staff are treated fairly and valued for their individuality.
  • Provides mandatory compliance training (i.e., workplace harassment etc.)
  • Provides search and screening guidelines to search committees.


Ms. Alisa Lewis
Human Resources Director
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44115

Ms. Roxan DeMeza
Human Resources Assistant
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44115