A renewed Common Lot magazine reaches out to all UCC women

A renewed Common Lot magazine reaches out to all UCC women

September 25, 2012
Written by Anthony Moujaes

The new-look Common Lot magazine is packed with vibrant photography, wonderful writing, and a wealth of information. But these are just a few of the reasons why the magazine’s publisher, the Rev. Loey Powell, believes it will speak to a range of readers who flip through its pages when the issue is distributed at the end of September.

The magazine is a journal for women in the United Church of Christ.

“We hope that the new, revised and updated Common Lot will touch the lives of all women in the UCC,” said Powell, the UCC executive for administration and women’s justice.

Based on a church-wide survey of women’s ministries, the magazine was redesigned with the idea of adding an audience that includes younger females. The content is newer and refreshed in the 42-page issue -- deeper than most previous Common Lots -- with a more contemporary look and full-color photos.

“We want to reach working moms and young adult women seeking their place in the work force, the world and in relationships,” Powell said. “We want to speak to women who have met faithfully for years in fellowship circles for Bible study, service, and support. We want to reach those seeking ways to deepen their spiritual lives or who are struggling to pay the bills. We hope to reach those who don’t yet know much about the UCC but may find our extravagant welcome in the pages of Common Lot. This is a renewed magazine for a new day.”

Even a Pulitzer Prize-winner is among the writers. Connie Schultz, a former Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist and UCC member, writes in the fall issue about the challenges for the next generation of women.

Among the stories and features for the upcoming issue:

  • Ways to support the Nuns on the Bus
  • Using social media to change the world
  • A summary and insights of a survey of UCC women
  • Calendars of upcoming events broken down by region

“We have this magazine that we think will re-invent communication for women in the United Church of Christ,” the Rev. Dave Schoen said. He leads the UCC’s congregational vitality and discipleship ministry team.

The plan is to distribute two issues per year, once in the fall and again in the spring. One copy of the magazine will be mailed to each of the UCC’s congregations, and individuals can order copies for mail delivery from UCC Resources for $3 each.

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