Synod in the City

Q. What is Synod in the City?
A. The gala celebration of the UCC's 50th anniversary. Synod in the City will feature speakers, theologians, artists, performers, and multimedia events in a variety of venues in downtown Hartford, Conn.

Q. When will Synod in the City be held?
A. Saturday, June 23: An all-day celebration that begins with worship at 8:30 a.m., runs throughout the day until 7 p.m., and is topped off with a gathering of all participants for an inspirational evening program.

Q. Where will it be held?
A. The event will be anchored at the Hartford Civic Center (the main staging area for General Synod) with additional performance and presentation venues at the Civic Center Assembly Hall, Hilton Hotel Ballroom, Crown Plaza Hotel Ballroom, Christ Church sanctuary and auditorium, 960 Main Street atrium and lower level foyer, Capitol College auditorium, Center Church, and Bushnell Park.

Q. Who will be our presenters, and why were they invited?
A. Contemporary thinkers, performers, and social commentators from across the country and around the world, they offer distinctive insights into our mission as a multicultural, multiracial, open and affirming, accessible to all, just peace church. Some are members of the UCC, others represent diverse viewpoints outside our church family. Together they form a cultural mosaic of voices the church and global community will find inspiring, fascinating and challenging as we move into the twenty-first century.

Q. If there are so many presenters, how will I know which event to attend?
A. Life is sometime filled with difficult decisions. At Synod in the City, we will be blessed by so many wonderful presentations, it will be impossible to take all of them in. Check back for all events, times, venues, presenters and bios, as well as a map of the downtown area. Your task will be to plan your own schedule based on your taste, desire and curiosity.

Q. Will Synod in the City be open to everyone?
A. Yes, all Synod registrants can participate. Registration for the entire General Synod, the weekend, or just Saturday's Synod in the City can made at the General Synod Registration website. Synod in the City will be made available to the public at the single day Synod registration price of $50. Children under 12 will be admitted free.

Q. How will I get from one event to the other?
A. Synod in the City venues are within a two-block radius (Bushnell Park is just a short distance away), so it will easily be navigated by foot. Shuttle buses will be available for older persons and those with differing abilities.

Q. It will be a long day – what about food?
A. In addition to refreshment areas in the Civic Center and local downtown eateries, there will be a number of food vendors at Bushnell Park.

Q. So, what's happening in the park?
A. UCC musicians, choirs and performers from around the country will take the stage and perform throughout the day. In addition there will be "fun booths" set up by the Synod local arrangements committee for children's crafts, balloons and face painting.

Q. Is anything else happening?
A. A variety of workshops led by UCC national staff and leaders from regional and local ministries will be held at Capitol College. They will be highlighted here soon.

Q. Will there be worship on Sunday?
A. Yes. On Sunday at 3 p.m., we will hold an inspiring worship service featuring a massed choir comprised of General Synod attendees and area churches. Our preacher will be the Rev. John Thomas, our general minister and president, and Holy Communion will be celebrated. Worship will be open to all – including those not registered for Synod.


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