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3 Great Loves News

A congregation in Washington lives out love of neighbor through an exhibit of immigrant art.

'Homeless Jesus,' a sculpture by a Canadian artist, was installed on the lawn of First Congregational UCC in Elyria, Ohio, as a way to draw attention to the needs of homeless refugees, migrants, and those marginalized within the community and society at large.

Our faith teaches us to love our neighbor as ourselves. Often, that can mean the folks in our own communities. But as the members of Dover (Mass.) UCC have learned, it also means people some 1,600 miles away.

Neighbors in Need supports ministries of justice and compassion throughout the United States. In the St. Louis area, a Neighbors in Need grant helped make a special learning opportunity possible for dozens of children from kindergarten to second grade. The 2018 offering will be taken in early October, and the grant application process is available online until September 30.

Like many congregations around the UCC, Niles Discovery Church in Fremont, Calif., collected school supplies for children in August. It's an annual ministry which embodies the UCC 3 Great Loves initiative. A tangible expression of love of children, it also makes going back to class a lot easier for a lot of kids in their community.