3 Great Loves News

3 Great Loves News

Church exhausts $50,000 in love of neighbor, to keep water flowing in Flint

It's been just over three weeks since Woodside Church in Flint, Mich., offered to pay water bills for neighbors in need. After writing more than 150 checks, over $50,000, the church is tapped out.

UCC pastor shows love of neighbor by going to Iraq to work with women refugees

A UCC pastor is heading to Iraq and refugee camps, to document empowerment work focused on helping women find a way to support themselves and their families.

Church volunteers show love of neighbor with commitment to refugee resettlement in Maryland

A Maryland UCC congregation is showing love of their neighbors in several ways, supporting refugee families and helping them find their way in a new country, a new culture and a new community.

UCC advocates show love for creation at People's Climate March in D.C.

A large UCC contingent marches for Mother Earth.

Dorhauer listening tour links commitment to Just World for All and Three Great Loves

How are UCC churches living into the commitment to work for a Just World for All? That's the central question General Minister and President John Dorhauer is now gathering responses to, during a 'Listening Tour' in anticipation of General Synod in late June.

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